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What is the role of luminescent reagents in antigen and antibody detection

2023-04-20 18:12

What is the role of luminescent reagents in antigen and antibody detection

With the development of testing technology, antigens and antibodies have become a means of universal diagnosis, and answers can be obtained through it, whether it is health prevention or disease judgment. Among them, chemiluminescence reagents, as substances needed in antigens and antibodies, cannot be underestimated. For example, acridine esters and luminol are indispensable reagents in immunoassay. The following will give you a specific analysis - the role of luminescence reagents in antigens.

Antigen antibody roughly refers to special proteins with immune function and substances that cause antibody-specific immunity. Just like the nucleic acid test antigen popular some time ago, it mainly targets multiple structural proteins of viral genes, and these proteins contain multiple epitopes, so that the principle of specific binding of antigens and antibodies can be used to indirectly prove whether the human body is infected.

And what role does the chemiluminescence reagent play? It mainly plays the role of combining chemiluminescence technology with immunoassay, and then uses the specific combination of antigen and antibody for detection. The luminescence reagent is simply used as an indicator or marker, and in principle is similar to other enzymes, colloidal gold, and immunofluorescence, but the label or indicator is different.

Speaking of the role of luminescent reagents in antigen detection, it can make the operation simple and convenient. Using a fully automatic chemiluminescence immunoassay analyzer, the detection can be completed without too much manual operation. Cross-infection is also avoided. It will not have other adverse effects in the same environment as the antigen antibody, which can ensure the accuracy of the results. However, it should be noted that the luminescent reagent should be used with specifically prepared and recombinant antigen antibodies, and the generation and disappearance of antibodies is a dynamic process, and reasonable sampling timing is also very important.

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