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Chemical properties and uses of butyl p-hydroxybenzoate

2023-04-20 18:20

    Chemical properties of butyl p-hydroxybenzoate:

  Chinese name: Butyl p-hydroxybenzoate

  Chinese alias: butyl paraben; n-butyl p-hydroxybenzoate

  English name: Butyl paraben

  Molecular formula: C11H14O3

  Molecular weight: 194.23

  CAS Number: 94-26-8

  EINECS number: 202-318-7

  Appearance: white crystalline powder

  Density: 1.168g/cm3

  Melting point range: 67.5-69 (1.5) ℃

  Boiling point: 356.516 ° C at 760 mmHg

  Flash point: 183.605 ° C

  Storage conditions: ventilated, low temperature and dry

  Uses of butyl p-hydroxybenzoate:

  Butyl p-hydroxybenzoate can be used in organic synthesis intermediates, preservatives and bacteriostatic agents in medicine, food, cosmetics, films and high-end products.

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