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Chemical properties and uses of silver acetate

2023-04-20 18:16

Silver acetate, alias silver acetate, is an organic compound with the structural formula CH3COOAg (or AgC2H3O2), molecular weight 166.9122, CAS No. 563-63-3. It is a light-sensitive white crystalline solid. Silver acetate can be used as an analytical reagent and is also used in the pharmaceutical industry. In the laboratory as a water-soluble silver ion source to oxidize anions. In the medical field, silver acetate is used in some smoking cessation drugs.

Chemical properties of silver acetate

Chinese name: silver acetate

Foreign name: Silver acetate

Alias: Silver Acetate

Chemical formula: CH3COOAg

Molecular weight: 166.9122

CAS No.: 563-63-3

Boiling point: 220 ℃

Water-soluble slightly soluble: (10.2g/L, 20 ℃)

Density: 3.26 g/cm ³

Appearance: White to nearly white glitter needle-like crystal or crystalline powder.

Uses of silver acetate

1. Used as an analytical reagent

2. Used in the pharmaceutical industry. In the medical field, silver acetate is used in chewing gum, sprays and lozenges to prevent smokers from smoking.

3. For halogen removal, liquid ammonia oxidation

4. A new preparation method for highly reflective and conductive silver polymer films

5. It can be used to effectively catalyze the cycloaddition reaction of isocyanoacetate with various olefins.

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