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Common problems of agar powder properties and use

2023-04-20 18:18

Agar powder is often used as a raw material for microbial medium and plant medium. Frequently asked questions about the properties and use of agar powder:

1. During the process of configuring the MS medium with agar powder, the color of the MS medium turns yellow? Will it cause adverse effects on the experiment?

Due to the different batches of agar powder, there may be subtle differences in color. Some agar powders are slightly yellow, which is not a quality problem and will not adversely affect the experiment.

2. What does agar powder gel strength mean?

Generally, the gel strength of agar powder (1.5%) is ≥ 800g/cm2, 800-1200g/cm2, and there will be different values according to different batches. The gel strength of agar powder refers to that after 1.5g agar powder is dissolved in 100ml of water and solidified, it is left to stand at 20 ° C for about 10 hours or more, and then the gel strength is measured. Of course, the strength is also related to temperature, water quality, etc.

Generally, the concentration of agar powder used in summer is higher than that in winter. The reason is that the temperature in summer is higher, and partial degradation may occur during long-term storage, so the amount of agar powder required to achieve the same gel strength will be higher.

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