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Chemical properties and uses of glycerol (glycerol)

2023-04-20 18:08

Chemical properties and uses of glycerol (glycerol)

Glycerol, also known as glycerol, is an organic compound with the chemical formula C3H8O3. It is a colorless, odorless, transparent and viscous liquid that can absorb moisture from the air, as well as hydrogen sulfide, hydrogen cyanide and sulfur dioxide., amines, phenols are miscible in any ratio, insoluble in benzene, chloroform, carbon tetrachloride, carbon disulfide, petroleum ether and oil, mainly used as organic chemical raw materials, and can also be used as analytical reagents and lubricating laxatives.

Basic information:

Chinese name: Glycerol

Foreign name: Glycerol

Aliases: 1,2,3-Glycerol, Glycerol

Chemical formula: C3H8O3

Molecular weight: 92.094

CAS Number: 56-81-5

Melting point: 17.4 ℃

Boiling point: 290 ℃

Density: 1.297 g/cm ³

Appearance: Colorless and odorless transparent viscous liquid

Flash point: 177 ℃ (OC)

Solubility: can absorb hydrogen sulfide, hydrocyanic acid, sulfur dioxide, can be miscible with water and ethanol, insoluble in benzene, carbon disulfide, chloroform, carbon tetrachloride, petroleum ether, chloroform, oil

Storage method:

Store in a clean and dry place, and pay attention to sealed storage. Pay attention to moisture-proof, waterproof and heat-proof, and it is strictly forbidden to mix with strong oxidants.

Main purpose:

1. Glycerin is an important organic chemical raw material and is widely used in many sectors of the national economy. It is an excellent hygroscopic agent, antifreeze agent, lubricant, solvent and co-solvent, and an important raw material for the production of polyester, nitroglycerin, medicine, etc.

2. In the food industry, it can be used as a water-retaining agent (for bread, cakes), a carrier solvent (for flavors, pigments, water-insoluble preservatives), a thickener (for beverages, wine preparation, etc.), a plasticizer (for confectionery, desserts, meat products, etc.); it can be used as a color carrier in colored foods. Glycerin can also be used as a lubricant for food processing and packaging machinery.

  3. It is often used as a softener, viscosity improver and solvent in the manufacture of drugs and cosmetics.

  4. Among polymer materials, glycerin is often used as a raw material for the production of polyurethane foam, polyether, etc. It is an important raw material for the production of alkyd resin and celluloid, especially in the manufacture of alkyd resin paint.

  5. It is also widely used in tobacco industry, ceramic industry, leather industry, wood industry and photography. And used as an antifreeze for automobiles and aircraft fuels and oil fields.

  6. Used as analytical reagent, gas chromatography fixative. Boron complexing agent.

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