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Good news! Biobuffer can be used in fabric dyeing

2023-04-20 17:57

Good news! Biobuffer can be used in fabric dyeing

As a solution that must be used in various experiments, biological buffers have many types, such as Tris, Mops, Caps, etc. Their role should not be underestimated, so they will be widely used in various fields, such as: Biochemical experiments and diagnostic testing. In addition, recent studies have shown that buffers can also be used in dyeing fabrics, so the following will give you a detailed analysis of their role in fabric dyeing..

Since it is very sensitive to pH in the process of fabric rendering, if the pH value is not properly controlled, color deviation or color mixing may occur. In order to prevent this phenomenon from happening, it is necessary to add an appropriate amount of buffer in the dye solution. Adjust to maintain the pH stability of the dye solution.

Reasons for using buffers to adjust acidity and alkalinity

1. If the fabric is not properly treated or cleaned, a small amount of acid or alkaline substances will be brought into the dye to change the original acidity and alkalinity.

2. Other substances are sometimes added during the production process. These substances are not neutral, which will cause the entire acid-base environment to be affected.

3. The acidity and alkalinity of some materials may be high or low. If dyeing is carried out, there will be a direct reaction. For example, the acidity and alkalinity are 8 or 10 in the process of dispersing the dye, but when the boiler is supplied with air, negative pressure sometimes occurs. The acid or alkali solution in other containers is poured into the suction pipe, which changes when the dye tank is heated.

The effect of buffers on dyed fabrics

In order to ensure that the color of the fabric is maintained to a bright level, first of all, it is necessary to ensure that the acidity and alkalinity are within a reasonable range. Usually, the color obtained by operating in a weakly acidic dye vat is relatively pure. At this time, it can be controlled in the weakly acidic range by adding acetic acid buffer.

In addition, the acidity and alkalinity required in some wool dyeing are more stringent, and different buffers need to be used to clearly control the acidity and alkalinity during the operation, which can effectively help improve the depth of dyeing and improve the contamination efficiency to a certain extent.

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