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Sodium Vinylsulfonate (SVS)

Application: Widely used in the synthesis of environmentally friendly water treatment emulsifier auxiliary materials, pure propylene, styrene propylene, vinegar propylene and other emulsions. Due to its stability, resistance and reduction of shrinkage pores, it can be used for synthetic fibers. It can also be used as a conversion monomer for various polymers, sulfoethylation aids, electroplating gloss agents, surfactants, pharmaceutical intermediates, etc.


Polystyrene sulfonic acid (PSSA)

 Applications: Conductive and antistatic resins for polyelectrolytes, electrical recording and electrophotographic substrates


Sodium Polystyrene Sulfonate (PSS)

Uses: Sodium polystyrene sulfonate solution is a water-soluble polymer with unique functions, which is used in reactive emulsifiers, water-soluble polymers (coagulation agents, dispersants, container cleaning agents, cosmetics, etc.), water treatment agents (dispersants, flocculants), sulfur exchange resin (film), photo agent (film), semiconductor, image film, heat conduction products, etc.


Sodium p-styrene sulfonate (SSS)

Uses: Sodium p-styrene sulfonate is a polymer monomer with unique functions, which is used in reactive emulsifiers, dyeing aids, water treatment agents (dispersants, flocculants), photo agents (diaphragms), Charge prevention agents, semiconductors, image films, heat conduction products, etc.; mainly used for the third monomer produced by the dry process of acrylic fibers.


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